The University of Alberta Press publishes works by established and emerging Canadian and international authors whose scholarship enlightens our society, engages communities, and challenges boundaries. We focus on materials for scholars, citizens, and policy makers concerned with prairie, mountain, and circumpolar histories and cultures; First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit studies; literary and cultural studies; environmental studies; and Petrocultures.

We have several active series:

Bountiful Gardens 

From the pleasure of gardening to the delight of sharing your harvest.

Circumpolar Research Series 

New understandings of circumpolar situations and concerns.

Mountain Cairns

A series on the history and culture of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series 

Interdisciplinary works on hunting and gathering peoples from arctic, boreal, and sub-arctic regions.

Series editor: Andrzej Weber

Patterns of Northern Traditional Healing Series 

Surveys important local and regional healing traditions in northern regions 

Series editor: Earle Waugh

Petrocultures, An Energy Humanities Series

Publishing the research of artists, activists, writers, and scholars working at the intersections of oil, energy, and culture.

Series editor: Sheena  Wilson

Solstice Series 

Knowledge translation, access, and transfer using case studies and community-based models 

Series editors: Mike Evans & Chris Fletcher

The University of Alberta Press publishes creative writing by Canadian authors and Landed Immigrants in the Robert Kroetsch Series, as well as creative nonfiction, particularly literary travel narratives, in the Wayfarer Series. For poetry submissions, please use the Poetry tab.
  • Short fiction: Please submit a one-page synopsis of the book and up to three stories as a sample.
  • Nonfiction: Submissions should be accompanied by a synopsis, table of contents, and no more than 50 pages of sample material from the manuscript.
We do not publish novels.